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뷰티아카데미 교육이념

By applying DONGBANG’s long years of experience with technology know-how to our educational programs, we help you to become a global beauty as well as an expert. Our education incorporates various techniques from around the world by encouraging people who make judgments about others’ appearance to consider their natural rather than staged beauty.

Various global techniques that many advanced people can easily learn with time can be acquired through education at DONGBANG.

We classify the originality of products into fragmented and differentiated individual inclinations based on people’s desire for beauty and thirst for learning, and we customize education by considering future-oriented educational harmonization.

We appreciate every person who wants to learn, and we promise to make our best efforts to train you to be a beauty professional, with our responsibility to support you as a companion or partner, not as your teacher or as a company.

We invite you to be our future partners by participating in DONGBANG’s beauty education


We will train you with global techniques rather than only one technique.
We do not give you the false hope that everyone will be 100% successful.
We will participate in your training as a partner, not as a teacher.
Our attitude toward training is to aim for your success as much as we desire our familes’ success.
We do not tell you that there learning has an end point.
We won’t give you trainings for successes without effort.
We present education as the beginning, not the end, of learning.
We always do our best by adding new techniques and using the top products.
We aim to honestly consider our faculty members’ previous difficulties and troubles.